Random Thoughts about Games and Ace Attorney

I call myself casual gamer. I’m not trained to do button mashings and I don’t like to head on nasty demons, the only type of games I play are usually for kids. That’s why I own gamecube, DS and Wii instead of the hardcore Playstation and Xbox.

I was really into playing Mario games and I still am. My favorites are the Mario Party and Super Mario Galaxy. It’s been over 2 years since MP8, when are they going to release the new one?! Those mini games I can keep playing and playing.

I’m also a big fan of the Ace Attorney series. I played all the games and love the all but Phoenix Wright is still the best. Too bad they put him to retire. His hair style is especially so cool and the little pearls is so adorable. Apollo Justice’s charisma and personality can’t even compare to Phoenix. Now the new title just released with the main character Miles Edgeworth. He was actually a prosecutor who stand the opposite side from Phoenix. I only finished the first chapter but it feels like the story is quite easy compared to the previous ones. Maybe it’s for people who never played the series before.

The most memorable parts of the game are the expressions. What I mean by expressions are stress, nervous, and energy. For example: In the first few versions of the game, Phoenix would start sweating and look down as if he did not have anything to say, while at other times he would be full of energy by pointing his index finger and shouting OBJECTION!

I can’t wait for the next game because it is just so fun.

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