Ready For a Wild Weekend Like Ashley Tisdale’s?

Ashley Tisdale is not shy when it comes to rocking trendy, eye-catching color in her hair! This past year she sported pink tips and earlier this week she was spotted celebrating her 27th birthday with fun purple streaks.

If you want to copy her look this weekend for a fun change, use Streekers ($11.95 at ULTA stores, or for a temporary option. You can work the streaks into a waterfall braid the way Ashley did, or opt for highlights throughout your hair or even a dip-dyed effect! After your wild weekend, simply shampoo as usual to rinse the highlighted hues out.

Streekers use advanced technology to actually bond brilliant color to the hair. Its sponge-tip applicator guarantees flawless coverage and precise control for easy application. To apply, lift dry hair up and away from the scalp in small sections then apply Streekers from root to tip in long strokes. Simply shampoo hair to rinse out the color! Streekers show up vibrantly on blonde or highlighted hair, and as subtle highlights on darker hair.

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