RMK Cleansing: Super Removal, Deep Cleansing, and Skin Nourishing Power in a Bottle

The secret to your tomorrow’s beauty relies on today’s cleansing.  The new RMK cleansing line up has heightened its makeup removal and cleansing properties with a boost of skin -loving ingredients.  The foundation of the signature RMK’s glowing skin starts here from our new cleansing range.

RMK Cleansing Balm (M) 100g £29
A Luxurious, nourishing cleansing balm with super cleansing properties.

RMK Cleansing Balm (M) is an innovative texture transforming cleanser. Its solid balm state changes into a silky liquid when applied onto your face, releasing the oil contained inside the wax structure of the balm. All makeup is removed including mascara in just one application, massaging and leaving your skin glowing with the rich skincare ingredients and a soft rose scent.

The balm’s oil has super cleansing properties. When the balm texture becomes fluid on application, the formula will enwrap and remove all traces of makeup including mascaras and any impurities, in just one simple step. The transforming wax texture formula is made with oil compounds, and is designed for a premium, ultra-gentle massaging experience.

RMK Cleansing Balm (M) is moisturizing and firming providing quick and effective cleansing in one simple step, supple and moist skin with its rich skincare ingredients, solid until applied to your face – means no dripping on your basin, firms and moisturises.

Infused with natural oil from delicious food sources to cleanse effectively and gently.

  • Grape Seed Oil (Moisturizing) – Taken from the grape seed, this oil is known to be optimum choice for a skin massaging oil. This highly moisturizing oil is rich in Polyphenol and other Vitamins that boost skin’s wellness and prevent it from irritation.
  • Jojoba Oil (Moisturizing) – Taken from the Jojoba seed, this highly compatible botanical oil has a very similar structure to that of natural oil in our skin which delivers optimum moisturizing effect.
  • Avocado Oil (Moisturizing) – Avocado is known for its rich blend of Vitamins, mineral and other nutrients. This oil blends into the skin and softens the surface.


RMK Cleansing Milk (C) 175ml £29
No more dullness – a gentle cleansing milk to remove makeup and lift your complexion

RMK Cleansing Milk (C) will protect all moisture needed for the skin whilst removing all makeup and impurities including old keratins. The treatment formula combats the dullness of your tone to reveal a vibrant translucent complexion. The yogurt texture blends with makeup instantly, leaving the skin soft and smooth after rinsing.

The milk formula is infused with cleansing properties highly compatible with ingredients in foundation and colour products, ensuring thorough removal of makeup. The blend of Carrot and Lemon extracts will soften and lift off old keratin and impurities along with your makeup.

A highly moisturizing ingredient, Milk derivatives are also known from laboratory findings to restrain the chemical reaction of protein and sugar within our skin that produces the pigments known to be the cause of dullness in our tones.

Infused with natural extracts from delicious food sources to cleanse effectively and gently.

  • Milk Derivative (Moisturizing) – Whey, which is rich in protein and glucide. Its high nourishing effect enlivens the complexion with a translucent touch.
  • Honey (Moisturizing) – A brilliant moisturizing agent which is rich in Vitamins to condition the skin.
  • YYogurt Derivative (Moisturizing) – Taken from the cultivating fluid of Bifidobacterium, this extract is rich in glucide, protein, amino acid, and lactic acid to prevent skin irritation.
  • Shekwasha Extract (Moisturizing) – Taken from the exotic citrus fruit of Shekwasha, the extract is known for its rich blend of Vitamins and brilliant skin conditioning effect.
  • Lemon Extract (Exfoliating) – An extract which is rich in Vitamins and Lactic Acid. It has abilities to lift old keratins off the skin for exfoliation.
  • Carrot Extract (Softening) – Rich in botanical collagen, has great moisturizing properties and works on the uppermost layer of the skin.


RMK Cleansing Oil (S) 175ml £29

RMK Cleansing Oil (S) lifts off mascara and the grime with its new formulation. The renewed formula achieves unbelievably fresh, water-like texture that can be washed off in the shower with no oily residues, and still with the powerful cleansing properties that takes seconds to remove all makeup.

The new formula ensures a super fast and effective removal of mascara and impurities with the infusion of cleansing oil which targets to dissolve mascara, and Orange oil for ridding grime and dirt clogged in the pores without taking away the necessary moisture for the skin.

The innovative cleansing compound in the oil formula has a unique structure that makes for the impossible – it is compatible with water. It means that you can just jump into the shower and cleanse off all makeup in seconds.

Infused with natural oil from delicious food sources to cleanse effectively and gently.

  • Orange Oil (Remove clogged impurities) – Taken from the orange peel, this oil is known for dissolving sebum and unclogs pores effectively.
  • Carrot Oil (Softening) – Rich in βCarotene, this oil exhibits a high softening and moisturizing effect on the skin.
  • Apricot Oil (Moisturizing) – Taken from the kernels of the Apricot seeds, this oil is rich in Vitamins, Palmitoleic Acid and Oleic Acid that have high skin conditioning effect.
  • Almond Oil (Moisturizing) – Taken from the embryo of Almond, this oil is rich in Oleic Acid which softens the skin and effectively combats dehydration of the skin.


RMK Cotton 72 pcs £8

Dual sided, texture transforming cotton for optimum massage, cleansing and exfoliation.

The unique innovative RMK Cotton is dual sided. One side transforms its texture into gel when on contact with water, as an optimum massaging tool. The other side is made with soft mesh netting texture for gentle exfoliation. Designed to be used with RMK Cleansing and RMK Skintuner range to prepare the skin for its next make over.

On top of RMK’s simple step as rinsing off with lukewarm water, we introduce a new optional method that will enhance your skincare regime with the use of new Cotton N. Use as instructed three times a week to daily.

When in contact with water, the cotton’s texture-transforming side turns into an ultra-soft gel surface which allows the cotton to feel even smoother on the skin. It enhances the emulsifying of the cleanser and lifts traces of makeup and sebum, by loosening them from the skin surface.

The mesh net on the other side will pick up the dirt and impurities which were lifted from the skin as you wipe, giving you the deep cleansing effect without any abrasion to the skin. By adding the cotton method into your skincare regime, you can enhance the cleansing effect that will polish your skin to glow under your makeup.


Available from Selfridges / 0800 123 400, RMK is also available from ASOS

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  1. Nani August 5, 2011 at 4:10 PM

    It’s great to see some new items that are affordable these days. I’d rather save my buck though and get the water gel cleanser from CURE (Japan). Or PURE? I think it’s CURE. lol.


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