RMK Spring Shimmer 2011 S/S Collection Nail Color EX Swatch and Review Part 2

Here is the last 2 bottles of the RMK Spring Shimmer 2011 S/S Collection Nail Color EX. If you missed the first 3 bottles it can be found here.

This is EX-04 White Yellow. It’s a really bright and crisp lemon yellow with subtle silver shimmers.

A lot of yellow polishes tend to be sheer, White Yellow is no exception. I had to layer it 4 coats to make a full coverage. But the finish is really nice and even, at the same time glossy.

In direct sunlight, you can really see the silvery (or white) moonlight effect.

Doesn’t the color remind you of 2 Chanel famous polishes? 287 LA Sunrise and 577 Mimosa are now compared to RMK White Yellow below. Mimosa looks really close to White Yellow, LA Sunrise just a tad lighter than both.

But when applied on nails, they almost look the same. Again LA Sunrise just a tad lighter. Application wise, I think Mimosa performs the best. It was easy to apply, leaves no brush marks and dries fast. A couple years’ ago LA Sunrise takes much longer time to dry and the consistency wasn’t as smooth as Mimosa. Chanel really did put in effort to improve their nail polish formula. White Yellow has really nice consistency but the low coverage and turtle drying speed made it a bronze position among the 3.

While we’re here, I thought I’d share you a side by side comparison for the 2 Chanel polishes.

This is when they both applied 2 coats on a fake nail. Mimosa may seem to have more visible shimmer, but the differences are really minimal. I doubt you’ll be able to tell from the person in front of you.

Two last photos of both polishes in direct sunlight. Mimosa seems to have larger and more visible shimmers than L.A. Sunrise.

287 L.A. Sunrise

X-05 White Blue. It’s a really bright cotton blue. This might be a great present to the mother of a baby boy.

Onto the nails again with 4 coats but it doesn’t look like I had that many. It did take a while to dry for me. Luckily they still look smooth and even.

Here’s the under the sun swatch. I really like how subtle the shimmers are.

Time for the comparison. Up on the table we have Chanel Riva, RMK White Blue, Chanel Nouvelle Vague and Dior Saint-Tropez.

It looks like RMK would be right in the middle of Chanel’s Riva and Nouvelle Vague, except both Chanel bottles don’t contain the silvery blue shimmers in RMK. Saint-Tropez is more close to Nouvelle Vague but apparently the color is more saturated and has more green tone.

RMK’s White Yellow is very similar to both yellow polishes from the Chanel Family with the exception of it’s slow drying speed. The White Blue however has silvery blue shimmers which makes it a plus. If you like softer colors and is a fan of RMK then the whole collection is a must for you. Overall, encompassing the 5 bottles of RMK only a few really sparked an interest in me.

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  1. Kalmo August 15, 2011 at 11:22 PM

    Oh thanks for these pretty nail polish swatches and comparisons. I haven’t tried anything from RMK but I love the bottle shape. I’ve also been looking for a nice light blue since I missed the OPI What’s with the Cattitude color.


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