RMK Spring Summer 2013 Flawless Airy Matte Collection

Flawlessly matte candy shades in an oil free formula. The super light, oil free texture is developed to fit to the skin keeping the just-applied matte finish even for the hot days ahead. The purity of the shades gives your eyes and cheeks the most vivid yet natural tint, whilst your lips are given a subtly calculated innocent pout with nails to match. Experience this spring’s rainbow of candy shades in a frosted pot with a super soft puff applicator.



RMK Airy Matte Eyes (7 Shades / Seasonal Limited Edition)

Experience the ultimate lightness with staying power, in this loose powder type eyeshadow. Apply the color in a stroking movement with the applicator puff directly over the eyelid for the pastel candy spring shades. The oil-free formulated powder will fit to keep its finish through the day. Choose from the pure white to pastel candy tones for 7 different looks.

  • Airy Silver White
  • Airy Coral Beige
  • Airy Light Green
  • Airy Purple
  • Airy Rose Pink
  • Airy Brown
  • Airy Gray


RMK Airy Matte Cheeks (4 Shades / Seasonal Limited Edition)

Experience the ultimate lightness with staying power, in this loose powder type blusher. To apply, simply pat the puff directly on the apples of your cheeks for the soft tint. The oil-free formula ensures the natural feminine tint. Choose from 4 pastel candy tones in the pot for easy-retouch-on-the-go.

  • Airy White
  • Airy Pink
  • Airy Orange
  • Airy Coral


RMK Lip Crayon M (6 Shades / Seasonal Limited Edition)

A soft creamy matte textured range from the best selling Lip Crayon line, the stay-true finish completes the spring look with a subtly calculated pout. Choose from the wide range of 6 shades – including Pale Pink, vibrant Orange, and feminine Deep Rose.

  • Pale Pink
  • Coral Pink
  • Beige
  • Rose
  • Orange
  • Deep Rose


RMK Nail Color EX (4 Shades)

Additions of 4 beaming pastel candy nail color shades with a hint of a white hue, to bring spring to your fingertips. Choose from pure Natural Beige Pink, elegant Pink Rose, spring sky Blue and soft Green to complete the world of “Flawless Airy Matte.”

  • CL-07 Natural Beige Pink
  • CL-08 Pink Rose
  • CL-09 Blue
  • CL-10 Green


RMK Separate Curl Mascara N (4 Shades / 1 Limited Edition Shade)

The best selling Separate Curl Mascara is revamped with an all-new designed brush and heightened formulation to go one step further for creating the ultimate lashes. The heightened formulation has the perfect balance of adherence with the non-clumping of each lash. The new straight brush delivers the makeup perfect amount of fluid to each lash, and catches even the shortest hair, enabling it to comb through from the roots to tips for the ultimate separation and lasting curves. The waterproof formula allows for the curves and voluminous finish to last for hours smudge free, while treatment ingredients work to keep your lashes stronger and healthier. Choose from the 3 basic shades or playful limited edition shade.

*Treatment ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Keratin, Panthenol, Royal JellyExtract (Moisturizing)

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Blue
  • Ex-01 Red (Limited Edition)


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