RMK’s Celebrates 15 Years of Dedication to the Beauty Industry

“As RMK turns 15 years old this year, I wanted to pass on my thanks to those who have supported the brand and have made me feel extremely blessed over these 15 years. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude.  Come and experience our unique selection of products sealed with an irreplaceable sense of love and passion, with lots more to come in future years.” (RUMIKO, Brand Founder)

To celebrate RMK’s 15th anniversary and its dedication to the beauty industry, we are very excited to announce the launch of RMK’s limited edition 15th anniversary collection. Two striking cheek palettes have been beautifully crafted to add a luminous glow to the skin. Share and feel the magic of RMK and experience the unrivalled texture and alluring hues for yourself.

RMK 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette

2 shades, £32

The 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette is available in 2 shades: vibrant and fresh Pink Coral, or chic Brown Beige. Simply brush over the embossed flower fairy to brighten up your complexion. There is a combination of 6 petals in complementary tones and textures which will instantly update your look and have you looking ready for spring.

RMK 15th Anniversary Base Make Kit

RMK is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the beautiful 15th Anniversary Base Make Kit comprising the best sellers from the renowned Base Makeup range. Featuring every product needed to create the RMK signature glow, choose from the award-winning make-up primers and foundations favoured by makeup artists. The kit contains travel sizes of products such as the water-based UV Face Protector to protect skin against premature aging from harmful UV rays and the Control Color N which promotes a radiant and healthy looking complexion.  These products are packaged in a limited edition original anniversary makeup bag which is adorned with the symbolic fairy design by Japanese Illustrator, Hiroshi Tanabe.

Choose your favourites from the below primer and Foundation range:

■    Primer:  Choose 1 of 2 types

  • RMK Make Up Base   30mL
  • RMK Creamy Polished Base 30g      3 shades          SPF11 PA++  (UK: SPF 10)

■    Foundation: Choose 1 of 5 types

  • RMK Liquid Foundation  30mL        9 shades          SPF14 PA++ (* except Coffee Brown)  / (UK: SPF 10)
  • RMK Creamy Foundation       30g      8 shades          SPF 15 PA++  (UK: SPF 10)
  • RMK Gel Emulsion Compact 11g      7 shades          SPF 27 PA++ (UK: SPF 20)
  • RMK Powder Foundation EX             11g      9 shades          SPF24 PA++ (UK: SPF 20)
  • RMK Stick Foundation                       12g      7 shades          SPF 20 PA+++ (UK: SPF20)

Invincible pair: the beauty secret Japanese women still swear by 15 years on.

Since its launch in 1997, the original beauty duo that is RMK Makeup Base & RMK Liquid Foundation has made its mark in both the Japanese beauty industry, and wider global industry with a new approach to creating the perfect complexion. For 15 years these products have worked together to prime and enhance the natural glow of the skin, whilst delivering a flawless finish and continue to be most loved combination within RMK’s range.

RMK Make Up Base   30mL   1 kind 

The best selling primer RMK Makeup Base is the key to RMK’s signature translucent glow,

the secret behind this best seller is its Milky-Water Formulation, 70% of which is water-based content and helps to maintain a dewy finish. RMK Makeup Base’s emulsion-like smooth texture is suitable for all skin types and works to prime the skin’s uneven surface, providing the perfect fit of foundation to the skin at the same time as creating a veil of shimmer to allow the skin to shine through the foundation. Key premium skincare ingredients such as Silk Essence and Shea Butter best known for their high moisture retention capabilities, this primer protects and nurtures the skin in order to increase its natural luminosity beneath makeup. The result is a beautifully moisturised and smooth base that protects against oiliness and perspiration throughout the day.

RMK Liquid Foundation       9 shades 30mL          (11 shades in UK and Southeast Asian)

The next step in achieving RMK’s signature glowing skin is the RMK Liquid Foundation. This foundation range is made with a unique formulation whereby 60% of its composition is water-based. With just the right balance of water, moisturising oil for the skin, and colour to deliver perfect coverage, RMK Liquid Foundation delivers enough coverage for any skin concerns as well as translucency – as if your skin is naturally flawless. RMK Liquid Foundation provides perfect coverage yet remains lightweight and comfortable on the skin as if you are not wearing a foundation. The formula contains premium skincare ingredients Silk Essence and Shea butter known for their high moisture retention capabilities, this foundation protects and nurtures the skin’s condition to increase the skin’s natural radiance beneath the makeup. RMK signature translucent glowing complexion is on hand with this invincible Liquid Foundation.

Available from Selfridges / 0800 123 400
RMK is also available from Look Fantastic and Beauty Bay