RooCASE A Multi-Angled iPad Case for Easy Accessibility

You’re probably surprised that today’s post is not regarding beauty. Instead it is a post about RooCASE. Despite having the new iPad for over 6 months now, I should have written about this sooner. I am so fond about the case and its leather design. It is like a perfected carrying behemoth with multi-angle usability. Sadly though, RooCASE didn’t make the baby pink color I liked.

Here is a nice little description regarding the protective case for the iPad.

When you first take apart the case, you will notice the Velcro that sticks the inner protective case with the outside harder shell. It it the Velcro that allows the iPad to be viewed in a multi-angled way.

Here is one of my favorite angles. It is a presentation styled one and you could adjust the angle to display what you need. Controls are also easily reachable, while you can press any button without taking out the iPad.

Everything seems well thought out and nicely designed. I am not 100% sure if the leather is genuine, but it does feel quite durable. Overall I’m very pleased with the case, only wished they had a pink one for the multi angle design.

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