Rouge Bunny Rouge Minstral New Look & New Products Launch


Fresh as dew in early summer mornings our “Mistral” look presents a diaphanous, light breathing complexion and lips utterly soft and juicy like freshly washed ripe fruits. The lightly flushed cheeks and the subtle eye make-up with its gentle pastels in mauve taupe and pale powdered pink fit perfectly with the naturally balanced, slightly sun-kissed look.


“Mistral” showcases our dessert-like Glassy Glosses in five new scrumptious colours sparkling your lips with bejewelled effect. The new ultra glossy formula combines a non-sticky finish with intense moisturising properties that have an immediate effect on dry skin. With the most natural Blush Wand colour our new shade ‘Titian’ gifts you with a nude, very light shade of beige-rose with the barest hint of peach.

SWEET EXCESSES Glassy Glosses 

Our Glassy Gloss collection is re-launched with five new shades and more advanced texture. The non-sticky formula hydrates and smoothes away fine lines, rejuvenates and enhances your lips’ natural colour so they appear luscious with an irresistible shine.

All of these candy drops of colour are heaped with exotic ingredients, and some abound with minute pearlised particles to sparkle your lips with glittering bejewelled effects.

The new ultra glossy formula combines a non-sticky finish with intense moisturising properties which have an immediate effect on dry skin. Rose Seed Extract smoothes away fine lines, rejuvenates and regains lost natural colour and skin tone while Vitamin E works as an anti-oxidant.


  • Raspberry Meringue: is a pale pink with very soft mother of pearl micro-shimmer – this shade doesn’t yield a strong colour, but it makes lips naturally pretty.
  • Rahat Lokum: is a pale milky pink with medium-heavy mother of pearl effect micro-shimmer.
  • Rhubarb Custard: is a semi sheer coverage milky nude rosewood, an irreplaceable my-lips-but-better color.
  • Cherry Clafoutis: is a gloss version of Scrumptiously Devious Lipstick. It is a sheer blue-based cool pink with warm golden opalescence.
  • Mousse Fandango: is a dark toned milky pink with the barest whispers of grayish mauve and touch of silver micro pearls.


Alongside, we introduce the Blush Wand ‘Titian’, a timelessly elegant and classic shade that blends in the same comfortable way with your skin as our existing charming colours. We have answered customer demands for a very nude and natural colour, enlivening your face with a truly subtle youthful shine.

Our two newLong-lasting Eye Shadows ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’ and ‘Bashful Flamingo’ are a flattering addition for our soft glowing look. The ultra natural ‘Bashful Flamingo’ gives eyes a very fresh appearance in a discreet way while ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’ deepens the gaze with its cool dusty taupe.