Shiseido Camellia Compact Limited Edition Swatches Review

Today was so much better than the previous few days. It finally stopped raining, after like a whole week?! I am kinda depressed but at the same time I am happy to walk around without an umbrella. That means more going out and shopping! Not that I can’t shop online while staying home, being able to see stuff in person is just a totally different experience.

For a special day like this, we gotta have something really special. The mysterious one of a kind Shiseido Camellia Compact is the perfect product to share.

Shiseido Camellia Compact 140 Year Anniversary

So what exactly is is this Camellia Compact by Shiseido? It is a blush / highlighter to be exact. The history behind such a product is that it commemorates the company’s 140 years history.

The outside packaging is ultra smooth and luxurious to the feel with the brand’s motif Camellia design. The colors and pattern remind me of Japan a lot.

Shiseido Camellia Compact

This palette upon opening was rather an eye candy for me. The white, pink and red trio is super striking. Though if you look at the design it does sorta look like flower petals on a white background.

Shiseido Camellia Compact Lmited Edition

Here is the palette’s close up look.

Shiseido Camellia Compact Closeup

With camera flash, you might notice the sparkly shimmers being more visible. Though the actually powders are less shimmery after the top layer is removed.

Shiseido Camellia Compact Flash

Camellia Compact

Here’s the swatch of the trio being applied individually and blended together. Each color is very pigmented upon application. They are soft to the skin and the initial use might result in a bit of shimmers but after the overspray is gone, the colors are consistent with each application. The palette is designed to be used separately as blush, highlighter, or they can be blended together for an all over face color. Since you can decide how much color to use, a variety of looks can be achieved.

Shiseido Camellia Compact Swatch

Aside from the luxurious feel and distinctive look, this blush is quite exquisite. The shades can be worn together or separately while the design looks so beautifully stunning! Sometimes I wonder if I should have used this or simply kept it in the vault.

Shiseido Camellia Compact has been spotted at the local Nordstrom and Macy’s Counter or check Shiseido.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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  1. Sunny December 19, 2012 at 4:15 AM

    Man, this one is SO lovely! I’m kinda hoping it will make its way here but I’m not so sure at all. Shiseido is largely underrated here in Belgium!


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