Shu Uemura Holiday 2012 Karl For Shu Eye & Cheek Palette Smoky Velvet Swatches Review

What could “SUKL” mean? “SUKL” can mean a lot of things, but the real meaning behind it is something special, it involves a drawn to life Mon Shu Girl who looks / resembles a famous designer. The special meaning behind “SUKL” is the collaboration between Shu Uemura and Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld.

Today, we will be featuring a palette from the collection.

Shu Uemura’s collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld led to 2 palettes in this collection. There is Shu Smoky Velvet Palette and Shu Prestigious Bordeaux Palette. The one we will be featuring today is the Shu Smoky Velvet Palette. To check out the differences please visit the press page.

So let’s see, a day ago or so I posted a daily shot of this palette. Did anyone catch it?

On the outside of this clear case palette is a jumbo drawing of Mon Shu Girl. It is rather cute with bold colors between red, black, and white. What’s even more special is that the Mon Shu Girl is wearing a clear acrylic dress.

Shu Uemura Holiday 2012 Smoky Velvet Palette

When I first opened the palette, I found an empty slot on the left side, thought Karl must’ve been doing something super creative. Then silly me realized the sponge applicator sticking to the back of the mirror. Ha! Anyway if you look at the mirror on the palette, you will notice that it isn’t your everyday square type or oversized. Instead it is in the shape of Mon Shu Girl. Now that’s something quite creative, I must say!

Here are the 2 applicators that’re included in the palette. One of them is a dual ended sponge applicator, the one got stuck on the mirror. The other one is a dual ended brush applicator, the bigger sized brush is meant for the cheek/face color.

The palette contains a total of 6 colors. 2 of them are with design or etchy sketchy? So starting off with the top left going right and down row by row is a pure black color with starry glitters. Immediate to the right is an iridescent peridot green which reminds me of a color from Chanel. Though Chanel’s color was seen as a nail polish, we see the color now as an eyeshadow. On the next row is an accented light silver followed by a pearly matcha green. Lastly, a gold version of the light silver with a dusty rose blush fills up the end row.

From swatching these colors to actually looking at them, they are so stunning! There is a nice array of colors like going from dark to light and pretty much Christmas colors. I can name a few songs that these colors remind me of like Starry Night, Jingle Bells, Silver Bells, White Christmas, and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. To sum it up, colors are well balanced between being pigmented and being sparkly shimmery. It is the Holiday season after all, the more sparkles / shimmers the better?

The palette from inside out looks really chic in design and comes loaded with colors that can be mixed to transform the mood. When Karl meets Shu, it’s like being artsy with a modern twist. Formula wise, it is bold as it is mesmerizing and attention grabbing. Shu’s collaboration with Karl really brings the brand to a whole new level with a much different appeal than before.

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  1. perilouslypale December 5, 2012 at 4:23 AM

    LOL!!!! I took all my photos with my applicator stuck to the mirror too! I didn’t notice till later it wasn’t supposed to be there.


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