smashbox Softbox Eye Shadow Palette Swatch and Review

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Hope every mother out there had the greatest and most wonderful day of the year! For those of you that aren’t a mother yet (written towards the chicks), hope you did some extra special things for your mom… I had a great day yesterday, did some shopping, ate a homemade feast, and a green tea chiffon cake to end the day… What was yours?

During the hottest and possibly even the most humid season of the year, every girl looks arguably the prettiest when they look naturally gorgeous. That is why Smashbox came out with the Softbox collection for this summer. For the ones that don’t know about soft box, it is a special light box that diffuses lighting and the ultimate goal is to eliminate harsh shadows giving a natural light. Smashbox had this in mind while they worked their magic!

I cannot say enough good things about this palette. The palette went over expectations because of how pigmented and the consistency that each color holds. It’s like falling in love on first sight… Rather with this palette it’s falling in love on first use… I know I will be using this palette a lot. It’s my new buddy in the purse! Enough about me and let’s get down to business.

The product’s box portrays an image of shattered minerals that makeup the palette. It’s like they are “Smashed.”

Looking at the back of the box it has a description of how they got the idea for this lineup for summer. It reads, “At Smashbox, photographers love shooting in our Softbox Studio. Glass windows let in a ton of natural light, creating a beautifully diffused look. Lighting was the inspiration behind this palette. The nude shadows and defining liners were handpicked by our studio artists to re-create these naturally soft eye looks, plus our amazing PHOTO FINISH LID PRIMER helps make the looks last…

After the descriptions for those of you who have a smartphone, you can get a TagReader from and scan the picture in the middle left of the box. I’m not going to tell you what it shows after being scanned. So no spoiler!

The side of the box gives a nice little flavor of all the colors punched into this wonderful little thing. From Nectar to Taupe, DONE! Well wait, what were the one’s in between? Oh yes Nectar, Lucky Penny, Sienna, Vanilla, Sugar, Nude, Flirt, Stone, Truffle, Bronze, and Taupe… Now it is DONE!

The bottom of the box has the greatest ingenuity ever, small slits that turn the bottom of the box into a stand / holder that props the product upright standing boldly. This is the same for almost every Smashbox product I’ve seen and it is a darn good idea.

And it’s Cruelty Free! What a nice way to save the little critters especially the Wabbits!

There is something different this time about this palette aside from the other ones. This one is packed with a “Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer.”

Here is the star coming in at 0.5 ml.

Like Smashbox’s products in the past, there is a Get-The-Look book, which is also known as an instructions booklet.

Showing you the different looks and ways the product can portray, the first one up is Sultry Smolder.

The second one is Naturally Nude.

Last but not least is Soft Smoke.

Just in case you missed scanning the image for a secret surprise the first time, the back of the palette has a reminder.

Opening the palette, the colors are simply bouncing off the way with its natural look that is suitable for any occasion. It’s like putting on a pair of jeans and a tee vs. putting on an extravagant $$$ dress that is not suited for everyday wear.  The mirror in the middle is there in case you are running late and didn’t have anything to see your reflection… It’s compact yet so simple. Before I forget, there is also a two-sided brush.

Here’s a picture of the brush by itself. Comes with protective plastic.

And an up-close to the eye picture…

Here is a full look at this book of eye shadows. As you can see the colors are listed right next to the color for simplicity instead of confusion.

Next, I want to show you how the shadows fare under direct sunlight. Here is the left part.

The center.

The right.

The next few photos will show swatches from the entire palette. First off, here is a photo of how much consistency the Photo Finish Lid Primer shows.

Next, we have from left to right, Nectar, Lucky Penny, and Sienna.

Shown below is Vanilla, Sugar, and Nude.

Almost over, we have Flirt, Stone, and Truffle.

Last but not least is Bronze and Taupe for the liners.

This champ is a great product. It is again, so pigmented and simply marvelous. It hits the spot when it comes to summer. It shows a very natural and beautiful you while enhancing the feature of your eyes. The cost for this palette is like a bang for the buck because of how high much quality and effort Smashbox put into this. I cannot simply rave enough about this product.


Price: $48



4 Responses to smashbox Softbox Eye Shadow Palette Swatch and Review

  1. Nic nic May 9, 2011 at 6:31 PM

    wow this palette looks and sounds very versatile. I have yet to try any smashbox products… the eyeliners look awesome!

    hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!!

    • admin May 11, 2011 at 12:36 PM

      The Smashbox is indeed great! Very versatile and good for almost any occasion.

  2. Jennifer May 10, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    this palette looks really neutral and work-safe! and its’ such a breakaway from the usual black packaging that smashbox has, thumbsup on this one!

    sorry i have been busy and caught up with work so even though i’ve got scheduled posts running but no time to catch up with blog posts and comments >_< my apologies

    • admin May 11, 2011 at 12:38 PM

      Np, things happen in life. Glad to see you comment! 🙂


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