The Sunscreen Series – Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tint SPF 40 Review

The sun is bright and shiny especially during the summer time. It allows us to stay out much longer to enjoy the daylight which means more shopping and more outdoor fun. There also lies a problem. The UV rays are bad to our skin when much exposure is absorbed. So what do we do? We put on sunscreen. However a lot of them are either greasily disgusting or leave clown-like residue, let alone enhancing skin tone…

Clarins though, has come up with something extraordinary where it can be called a hybrid. Something that has multiple uses and each is well executed.

Clarins Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 is something that is very solid. Out of the total of 3 tinted shades, I will be showing you the color in Medium. The fluid provides triple protection against UVA / UVB rays, free radicals, and pollution. For sensitive skins, this sunscreen is very gentle with 100% mineral filters. It also contains cantaloupe melon extract,  a high performance antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient. Compare to the original transparent UV Plus, the tint version tailors to different skin tones for a perfect looking canvas.

The packaging design is clean and simple, a white squeeze bottle with a twist cap on top. After taking off the cap is the nose or hole that the sunscreen comes out of. Although rather simple in design, it gets the job done and dispenses at your control.

The liquidy consistency along with its super moisturizing factor really wins me over in this sunscreen. It also melts into the skin with a long lasting light weight feel. I have not noticed any scent to it nor has it been greasy to the touch. There is a total of 3 different colors to this sunscreen and the one I have is Medium, which is a perfect sun-kissed healthy glow skin color. The sheer coverage is good enough to even out skin tone, and leaves skin silky smooth all day long.

This multi-functional sunscreen is amazingly lightweight and the sheer coverage is ideal for summer. Clarins puts everything in the bottle perfectly without messing up the appearance or look on the face. It also contains high SPF that will keep the sun off the skin. The use for this sunscreen can be both for work or leisure.

Clarins UV Plus sunscreen can be found at Clarins counters and online at Sephora, Nordstrom, and Clarins.

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