The Sunscreen Series – Lavanila The Baby Block SPF 40, The Healthy Sun Screen SPF 40 Face Cream and SPF 30 Body Cream Review

School has started for most students already. That means Summer is almost over! Though the weather is getting cooler and it seems like the sun is less brutal, taking care of our skin against UV damage is still an everyday task that cannot be omitted.

Lavanila is a brand that uses 100% healthy ingredients for their sun screen products. That means, no harsh chemicals but packed with natural and organic ingredients that are actually good for our skin. Today, we will be featuring the SPF 40 Baby Block, SPF 40 Face Cream, and SPF 30 Body Cream.

Starting out with the Healthy Baby Block. It holds a strength of SPF 40 along with both UVA and UVB protection. This sunscreen is 100% Baby Safe. That means, every kid could use it without the fear of any harmful ingredients or otherwise not suited for them. The sunscreen is chemical free though with 30 essential vitamins for the skin.

Next we have the Healthy Sun Screen SPF 40 Face Cream. This sunscreen for the face also holds 100% natural ingredients with a broad array of UVA and UVB protection. The difference between this sunscreen and other ones is that there are youth promoting ingredients such as antioxidants, botanical, and amino acids.

Last but now least is the Healthy Sun Screen SPF 30 Body Cream. It is pretty much the same as the Face Cream above. This cream is made from 100% natural ingredients. Only different between this body cream and the face cream is that this one is infused with Green Tea, Organic Shea Butter, and Soothing Cucumber. The ingredients are better suited for the body. Also texture wise it’s thicker, see the demo photo below for details.

Each of the sunscreen features a squeeze tube design, with pop open caps for the Baby Block and Face Cream whereas the Body Cream has a screw on top. The Body Cream is obviously a bigger bottle that holds roughly double the amount of the other 2 creams.

Each sunscreen felt very easy to apply on. They glide on smoothly and evenly. There is no scent to any of the cream at all which is nice when people have sensitive nose. The body cream is a little thicker though which is noted on the far right.

Here is a picture of the sunscreens applied evenly. They look extremely natural on the skin and you don’t notice too much difference with or without the sunscreen. So that means no scary white residue. There are very minimal reflection coming from the UV filters. Also the sunscreens wear comfortable on the skin without feeling greasy or sticky. They even make the skin feel softer after putting on. One thing you do need to take into consideration though, shake the tube before applying because the sunscreens tend to separate over time.

The sunscreens from Lavanila are made without harsh chemicals or questionable ingredients such as paraben, sulfates and much more. Instead they contain 100% natural and beneficial ingredients that are healthy to our skin. The formula is so gentle that even kids will love. By using these sunscreens the whole summer, I haven’t experience any skin irritation or breakouts. Lavanila Sun Screens are something I trust not only because it has a cute name (reminds me of vanilla ice cram), but also because they provide all the sun protection I need from head to toe.

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