The Sunscreen Series – RéVive Filtre De Soleil Visage SPF 45 Review

If all sunscreens were lotion like that absorbs right on the spot, it would be so much easier to use. Not to mention, a sunscreen that leaves no white dashes or marks on the areas applied. The perfect description of this is for luxury high end skincare brand, ReVive.

Filtre De Soleil Visage SPF 45 comes in a box that exemplifies not only ReVive’s colors but also something different. The outside flap and the inner flap keeps the product snugged tight without the insecure feeling of the sunscreen falling out unexpectedly. This sunscreen’s main thing is to help prevent premature aging of the skin while blocking out UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen has a net weight of 1.7 fl. oz, suitable for all skin types.

I decided to show you the active ingredients of the product itself. There is a total of 4 main ingredients.

Ensulizone, Octinoxate, and Oxybenzone are ingredients that absorb UV radiation and prevents it penetrating into deeper layers of the skin.
Zinc Oxide is the key component of the sunscreen because it reflects the sun’s harmful rays.

The pure white bottle reveals its air tight pump design right underneath the cap.

Instructions: Apply liberally to face and neck, as well as the ears and décolletage, if necessary. Reapply as needed.

When you pump the sunscreen out, you will notice it to be quite light and not so thick. That is because it acts more like lotion. The sunscreen absorbs into the skin leaving no trace of white marks or films on the skin. It feels silky smooth and moisturizing after it dries. But there’s not a slightest heaviness or sticky feel to it.

For a SPF 45 sunscreen, ReVive brings a luxurious experience with its lotion based formula. Not only does it feel comfortable to have on, it is also good for everyday use regardless if you’re shopping or working. The packaging is fantastic too because the pump design is easy to use and because the product is kept air tight it can last much longer. When you invest in anything high end, you want the best quality from start to finish. That’s exactly what ReVive is made of.

ReVive Filtre De Soleil Visage can be found at ReVive counters as well as online at

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  1. Christina July 11, 2012 at 3:20 AM

    I am not sure if you’ve seen Chanel version. If you have, I wonder what is the difference between the two?


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