SUQQU Autumn Winter 2012 The Grown-up Pink Collection

SUQQU make-up radiates as a brand offering the ultimate in elegance, loved by both celebrities and make-up artists alike. This new season delivers a special collection of pinks that are a perfect balance of strength and femininity, in a selection of eye palettes, blushers and lipsticks that compliment all kinds of faces, transforming girlish pink into a colour that’s perfect for grown-up women.

SUQQU’s 2012 colour collection is inspired by strength, femininity and sensitivity, not girlishness. Soothing yet strong colours of fresh peachy pinks and the warm pinks of autumn foliage wrap skin in warmth away from the cold shivers of the season. Soft, smooth pinks melt into your skin, feeling just like the deepest autumn.

SUQQU Blend Colour Eyeshadow, £45

Each sleek eye shadow palette contains innovative silicone-coated powder shadows which spread smoothly, while hiding signs of aging. New to the palette is a special cream shadow that can be used for both lines and gradation. Shimmery pinks stay firmly on skin and make eyes pop. These boldly feminine colours are easy to apply and impossible to get wrong.

The palette contains four different, long lasting colours to increase the depth of any look. Each compact includes at least one “skin coloured neutral” shade to bring out natural beauty.

Professional Makeup Tips for a Youthful Natural Look

  • Apply darker colours on the outer corners of eyes to add definition and to maintain a more youthful appearance

13 AKANEZORA Pink x Light Brown
14 KOSUMOSUIRO Pink x Dark Brown
EX-07* TSUKIAKARI Pink x Mauve x Navy

SUQQU Gradation Cheeks, £38 (limited edition)

Make your skin look its best ever with this vivid pink cheek palette. Layer two colours together for a charming yet natural blush that brings dull skin to life.

Professional Makeup Tips to achieve a healthy glow

  • Apply the Cheek Colour from the highest position of cheek when smiling, up to the ear along the cheekbone
  • Apply the Highlight Colour on the area under the eyes and next to the nostril

EX-01* MIZUDAIDAI Peach x Peach
EX-02* MIZUMOMO Pink x Pink

SUQQU Chiffon Feel Loose Powder, £40 (limited edition)

This pink loose powder provides smooth, ample coverage without caking. Cover pores and improve skin’s texture while brightening skin tone, for a soft and irresistibly touchable finish.

SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist, £27 (one limited edition)

A rich, creamy lipstick which is glides on smoothly and blends easily onto lips. Each colour has a different texture to give a completely different finish.
With its perfectly balanced oils the surface of the lips are blended and moisturised without leaving them feeling dry. Soft focusing powder reflects and diffuses light to make wrinkles seem invisible. The feel of lip balm with the luxurious colour of lipstick.

03 FUYUZAKURA Matte Pink
EX-05* HANABOTAN Bronze Rose
EX-06* MAAKA Red


SUQQU is exclusively available at Selfridges.