The Day After Christmas – Sweets

The day after Christmas (Xmas)… When Santa goes back to his house way up in the North Pole to relax after the long night, you can imagine he must be having some hot sipping chocolate with a jumbo peppermint marshmallow in one hand and a large jumbo sized chocolate chip cookie from the infamous urban legend $250 one at Neiman Marcus. Well, he is back in his comfy home now and that means it’s time to wave bye bye.

So what about the day after Christmas? Sales everywhere, you name it. From Bloomingdales to Macys, and Target too. Even some boutiques too had sales going on. There were those before 12:00 PM / 1:00 PM deals where extra 25% all the way up to 50% were taken off. I heard some were even at 75%!!!! But sadly, the day after Christmas is more for the hubs… Although, it is about him and his super sweet tooth, I do get a bite here and there. That is why this post has the title “Sweets” in it.

Christmas Cake Sampler Petite Fours Candy Tea

Before we begin, these sweets were all 50% off when we got them. Starting with the cake sampler. Each and every year Neiman’s Xmas always has alcoholic / spirited cakes. From Irish Whiskey to Egg Nog Rum, and more. Last year, we took home 10 boxes of these cake  in all sizes and shapes. This year though, we only took home one box. That is because hubs decided that he needs to lose weight and one of his New Year Resolution is to eat less sweets. Despite him saying that, I could still imagine him sneaking a bite every so often.

NM Six Cake Sampler

Neiman Marcus Six Cake Sampler

Next is something new we are trying out. It is called the Christmas Petit Fours. Individually wrapped as a Christmas Present, they taste soft, having a cake like center with fondant on the outside. They are actually quite tasty and doesn’t have the extreme sweetness to it. *Note that the Bissinger’s Box is pretty much like the Petit Fours here but it is still wrapped up, therefore nothing to show really.

Neiman Marcus Petite Fours

This is the Candy Cane from Dylan’s Candy Bar. Being only the 3rd purchase from them this year, I haven’t found an extreme liking for the actual sweets they produce. They usually have sweets packaged in colorful boxes / packaging but with mediocre sweets. There is a total of 8 chocolate covered like Oreos inside this box. The kids liked it so it is down to 3 pieces.

Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Cane

Lastly, ending the food shopping is a duo Winter Spice Tea from Tea Forte. If you don’t open it up it can act like an ornament on the Xmas Tree. If you do open the packaging, a Wintery spice awaits you.

Tea Forte Winter Spice Tea

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