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Bad luck doesn’t come alone…


The situation is getting even worse since our last post. During the past week, we had another computer crash that our main MAC’s display is gone. The store said it’s not the cable connectors’ problem, so either the monitor or the logic board is the culprit. Since the store doesn’t have the parts available, it will take another week to get it fixed if possible at all. Or else we’re looking into getting a replacement.

Then this emergency family issue arose out of nowhere. I won’t go into any details but it really is taking a huge toll on us. The sad thing is that we have so much that we wanted to share with everyone but we just can’t handle so much at this moment.

One thing for sure is that we’re not giving up! We have amazing viewers like you that support us, we won’t let you down. The temporary solution is that the posting pace will be slow down while we get everything back on track. Please continue supporting us.

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