Valentine’s Day In Love with CREED Fleurs de Gardenia

Today is a special day that’s filled with big red hearts in the air. Little Cupids are busy sending out roses, chocolates and love cards. It’s the Valentine’s Day! When we enjoy all the wonderful sweet things around us, don’t forget a bottle of CREED’s new Fleurs de Gardenia. The fragrance is stimulating as well as bringing blissful love and relationship. Fresh Floral is probably the best description for this illuminating bottle.

Creed Fragrance Women Fleurs de Gardenia Valentine 2013

Fleurs de Gardenia from CREED is one blossom of fresh floral. The fragrance can fill the air with passionate romance and love that holds a little sweetness with roses and other floral elements. Just one spritz on the wrist will evoke the purest, brightest and most cheerful feminism.

The box has an oval label that is velvety to the touch but also a bit velour in texture. From the box to the bottle, everything is in a noble like color of purple and white. Design itself is very majestic filled with nobility.

Creed Fragrance Fleurs de Gardenia

The fragrance is very long lasting. It has a clean approach when sprayed. Ingredients doesn’t contain anything that is overtly strong compared to the rest. Everything is balanced out with harmony. Here are the notes:

  • Top notes: Pink berries, fresh, ripe blackcurrant, engaging galbanum.
  • Middle notes: First Love Gardenias, double blush roses, lavender peonies, Lily of the Valley, pink jasmine.
  • Base notes: Soft musk, Pink Patchouli, Virginia cedar.

Creed Fleurs de Gardenia

Creed Fragrance

When I first got this bottle, I thought it was going to be strong heady scents of floral jumping right out. After a spritz or two, I finally realized that this is not an ordinary bottle of gardenia. Instead, it’s a really well blended innocent fresh scent hinting “love” all over its bottle. Compared to Love In White‘s elegant love, Fleurs de Gardenia is more like a dreamy first love kind of love, gentle, mild and memorable.

CREED’s Fleurs de Gardenia is available at Neiman Marcus and CreedBoutique.

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