Weekend Adventures at the Original Pancake House and San Mateo County Fair

Over the course of the week there was so much fun. The two things I want to mention is the Original Pancake House and San Mateo County Fair. My family and I went to the fair during the week and the restaurant just yesterday.

Apparently, the restaurant didn’t open for dinner since, they are now serving dinner with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays. The chef in the picture looks like a pig.

So my husband had 2 x-large scrambled eggs with a honey cured ham steak.

But wait that isn’t all. He also got 3 fluffy coconut pancakes with in-house made orange syrup.

What I had was an omelet known as Western Omelette. The inside comprised of peppers, onions, and also ham. It’s super fluffy!

But hey… I also had 3 pancakes as well but they are filled with bananas… the syrup was the same.

So my husband was talking to the waiter about the orange syrup and asked how it was done… The waiter was ecstatic about the great things the restaurant creates and generously offered two more different kinds of syrup… They are Strawberry and Blueberry.

Enough about food… So during the week we went to the fair and man it was hot and packed. It was like everyone went in at the same time and day!

As you can see even kids in there strollers were there!

There were so many great food being created… It seemed like there was a food competition and the people who participated got recognition.

This wonderful cake consisting of 2 ducks, a pig, a cow, and a sheep on a farm was created by a 13 year old. It was amazing!

The cake here with a picture of a pig was made by a talented 15 year old. The kids who entered the competition seemed very creative.

Jams and honey….

Here is 4 little pigs. It seems like the white pig was outnumbered by the other three black pigs. Guess what happened? The poor white pig got his/her ear bitten by the black one when the other 2 were just looking at them brawl.

The poor white pig’s ear began to bleed and a squeal was heard.

At the end of the fair was a miniature racing track. The racing track was for pigs! There were these cute and adorable little pigs racing against each other… They were quick!

Here is a picture of a cow resting in the shed.

San Mateo Community College’s mascot, the Bulldog waving and saying hi!

That wraps up this week. See you next week!

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  1. Audrey June 19, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    I love original pancake house!! that place is so yummy! i’m drooling just thinking about it


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