Weekend Adventures with Disappointing Experience at Mad Fish Restaurant

It’s the regular weekend adventure time but this week I came home with bad taste. The sorry place is a Japanese Sushi Restaurant called Mad Fish in the bay area.

Mad Fish is a chain restaurant with main location in Fremont, CA and some Little Mad Fishes in nearby cities. A couple months ago we went to their Redwood City Little Mad Fish for the first time. We got there at around 8:30pm and and place was packed. It’s a fairly small place with only about 10 tables. We had our name checked in and was told it’s going to be 10-15 minutes wait time. We saw 2 open tables at the end so we asked if we could sit there. The waitress told us it was reserved for a group. 5 minutes later, 2 girls and a guy came in and got seated right away at one of the open tables. My husband thought it was not fair because apparently those 3 people were just coming in and they couldn’t reserve the table. So he confronted the other waitress at the counter and got a “it was a misunderstanding” answer. Luckily one other table just freed up at the time so we let it go. We ordered a bento box and some rolls. The food was alright and the price is pretty standard for around 10 bucks a roll. But they cranked up the music really loud right after 9pm. Since most people were just killing time and drinking, we just thought maybe this place isn’t so kid friendly at night. By the way, those 3 people left before we did and we never saw a “group” come in the entire time.

So the 2nd time we went to the main location in Fremont. The place is so much bigger and the servers are really nice. They even gave us a free sweet potato fries to munch on while we waited for our food. Everything was good at the time. That’s how we ended up the 3rd visit. See the pictures from my previous weekend adventure post.

Yesterday we went during their happy hour time because some of the sushi rolls were 50% or 30% off and appetizers, bento were 20% off. It’s pretty tempting. There weren’t a lot of people there so we got seated right away. We saw 2 waiters both in their 20s, 1 with glasses and 1 without. The one with glasses seemed fun and the other wasn’t so friendly. We asked for a high chair for our daughter. The guy with glasses came with a broken hair chair. He joked about how the restaurant shouldn’t keep a broken high chair. Things happen no biggie. We got our iced water, ordered our food, just realizing there were only 2 pairs of chopsticks when we have 4 people and there were no plates or whatsoever.

Food came in pretty fast so we asked for some extra plates and utensils. The guy without glasses brought us 4 flat square plates. But how are we going to eat our sushi without a dipping dish? We had to call him again for those. Unacceptable! Maybe he needs to get a pair of glasses because he can’t see what’s missing. And that was it. Both waiters checked the table next to us many times but treated us like nonexistence. Was it because the guy got a big pitcher of beer? Hubby also got a shangri la cocktail. So what’s the difference? Well talking about the shangri la, it’s a glass of fruity wine with “frozen” strawberry! Hello?! If it was winter time, I can totally understand because fresh strawberries are expensive. But now it’s summer, how could you use a not so fresh frozen strawberry? Except the food was good, we were pretty much fed up by their service. Finally we got the chance to see the waiter because he was seating a new table next to us. Hubby asked for the menu again because we wanted to order something else. The guy never came back. We waited for 10 minutes and we thought that was it. I had to walk up to the counter and tell the guy to send the check. Then we found out we were automatically billed 15% for gratuity, and our kids bento was charged full price. The guy told us they charge 15% gratuity during happy hour and kids bento box doesn’t get 20% off.

This is outrageous! I mean it’s great that happy hour some of the rolls are 30 or 50% off but they sneakily charge you 15% tip. That’s not the way of doing “honest” business. And on top of that, their menu is a total mess. The names are not in order and the happy hour rolls only have a name. You have to go back front to see what is what. It took me 10 minutes to figure out those names. I guess they just don’t want you to order their happy hour rolls. FYI, the crab meat are all imitation crab meat. they did not disclose it on the menu. It’s such an insult to the customer. Do you think we can be so easily cheated or we’re that stupid who don’t know what real crab meat taste like? The list goes on and on but I’ll just stop here.

After all, it’s a total failure. Even though the food was good but they’re not that good. And their price isn’t cheap either. I still prefer my Sendai Sushi, they have far better selection, fresher fish, better price and most importantly better service. I’m not coming back for your inconsistent service and shady business model. End of story… Mad Fish.

Sorry about all the ranting.

5 Responses to Weekend Adventures with Disappointing Experience at Mad Fish Restaurant

  1. Lulu July 17, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    sorry to hear about your less than pleasant experience at mad fish! i had wanted to try it out ever since you mentioned it because we go to that area all the time. but maybe not anymore! you should write to their manager or send this review on yelp so some justice could be done.

    • admin July 17, 2011 at 9:36 PM

      i am going to let it go because it is a waste of time and i would rather spend my time talking to my blogger ladies especially you…

    • admin July 17, 2011 at 9:45 PM

      oh btw, Lulu i saved ya from the misery. you can try the place out if you want but you gotta cautious. *smirk*

  2. Georgina July 17, 2011 at 11:21 PM

    what a bummer! i hate these kinds of restaurants who trick customers with their inconsistent “rules”. plus servers who need to be called every time there’s something missing on the table. good thing “tipping” is not mandatory here because if im not happy with the service, i can skip on it and let them know they need to improve on their service. >.<

    i hope you get to go to a place with great servers next weekend! something to look forward to! 😉

    • admin July 17, 2011 at 11:33 PM

      Well tipping is not mandatory at restaurants under a certain limit of people… at least from the restaurants I’ve been to except for this one.


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