Herb ‘n Serve

My husband got this little gadget at Bed Bath and Beyond because we had a 20% off coupon. Originally we were there to find the AeroGarden Japanese herb seed kit. Apparently they didn’t have it because who’s going to use shisho on a daily basis while there’re Italian and French herbs available. But we did […]

My Beauty Diary Mask

Today I’m going to talk about My Beauty Diary Masks. This is a brand that was made in Taiwan. You can find their official website here. I got mine at a local Asian market. I can’t even count how many different types are there and I wish I tried all of them. The first one […]

Puffer Jacket Hunt Down and Crazy Shopping

Winter has come slowly and¬†unnoticeably¬†again. I just realized that my 2 year old daughter didn’t have a heavy jacket. How bad I am! But luckily right now it’s the best season of the year – Christmas time. Every store has extended holiday hours. Some stores even opens until midnight. Everyday after my husband gets off […]

Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil and Cream Wash Review

Today, I will be doing a review on two Jill Stuart skincare products. Like all JS products, the packaging is cute. Both products are made in Japan. The Cleansing Oil is 200ml with retail price under 3,000 Yen while the Cream Wash is 132g for the price around 2,500 Yen. The first one is the […]

Problem solved!

As you can see, now the blog has 2 sidebars just like what I wanted. Even though it’s still not perfect but I’ll settle for this for now. Stupid me didn’t know that there’s something called “google” so you can actually search for the code. This all thanks to that special person of mine who […]

Help needed

Hi all, I’m still trying to figure out this blog layout thing before I post something related to the blog itself. So basically I want to keep everything but adding a left sidebar to the page. I don’t want all the widgets to be squeezed to the right. I also don’t want to use another […]


I’ve been reading some blogger’s posts for quite a while and always wanted to comment on some (never really did). Just recently a friend of mine Miss Mihoko asked me why not start my own blog since I have a lot of Lunasol eye palettes. So I think this may be fun to do. It’s […]

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