Color of the Week – Independence Day Nail

How exciting! Next Sunday it’s The Fourth of July (Independence Day) so today’s CotW I’m doing an Independence Day themed nail.

The tools I used, soft type acrylic paint and several nail art brushes.

A white nail polish, here I’m using Sally Hansen Sheer Romance 1 Naturel White. It can be any brand but preferably a matte finish white.

First of all, I applied a thin layer of OPI Ridge Filler. This is my new favorite. Before I always use a base coat alone since my nail surface is pretty smooth so I didn’t think I need a ridge filler. Not until I bought this recently, I totally fall in love with it. It dries up so quickly, and always leaves a perfect almost opaque layer that is streak free. Highly highly recommend it!

On top of ridge filler I applied the white nail polish.

Now paint the top half with deep blue acrylic color. Try to smooth out the surface a bit, it doesn’t have to be perfect though.

Paint red stripes on the bottom half. Again it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Apply clear top coat for a gel-like finish. It will smooth out the paint streaks automatically.

Glue on some crystal gems to hide the imperfect edge.

For the final step, paint some white dots on top of the blue paint. And that’s it!

A picture from the other side.

Next weekend I’ll be wearing these to watch some fireworks. What’s your plan?

3 Responses to Color of the Week – Independence Day Nail

  1. coffretgorge June 28, 2010 at 10:22 PM

    seriously babe, i wish we were neighbors so i can come over your place and lets do each other's nails hahaha! 😉 enjoy your 4th of july holiday!

  2. Lulu June 29, 2010 at 12:38 AM

    omggg these are gorgeous!!! thanks for the inspiration, I am excited to paint my nails independence day themed this weekend too. yayyy 🙂

  3. Pop Champagne June 29, 2010 at 6:50 AM

    hey thats cool that you did a 4th of july post! I am a fan of sally hansen nail polish just bought a few bottles love it and they stay on fairly long too


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