Dior Electric Tropics Catwalk Duo Fluorescent Nail Polish 558 Paradise & Glossy Top Coat Swatch and Review

How strange! At the end of April, it’s still windy and chilly. I can’t let those bother me. Imma need something light and bright to cheer me up. How about Dior Summer Collection Electric Tropics Catwalk Duo polish Paradise for my mani!

Instead of the regular dark blue box, the Electric Tropics comes in a shiny silver box.

Catwalk Duo Vernis Fluorescent & Top Coat Glossy (Fluorescent Nail Polish & Glossy Top Coat)

The whole set sells for $26. I think the price is really reasonable. One Dior polish alone costs $21 so that makes the Top Coat only cost $5.

It’s available on Dior.com.

So after all there’re 2 nail polishes inside.

But wait a minute! There’s something else on the other side.

It’s the instructions for applying the nail polish duo. There should be 2 coats of the fluorescent polish then followed by the top coat.

Inside the box, there’s a “L” shape slot in the middle to hold the polishes. There’s a little gap between the outside box and the bottom of “L”, so the instruction card goes safely into the gap.

Take a look at the polish duo first.

558 Paradise is a bright neon pink color with a hint of red.

This collection is totally special, even the glass bottle is colored the same as the polish.

I just wanted to show you how the polish looked like in the sun so you don’t have to, because the polishes are supposed “to be stored protected from light“. (says on the instruction card)

Glossy Top Coat

The consistency looks quite fluid with this top coat. It almost looks like oil when rolled. But there’re no metal balls inside, probably not needed.

It also comes with the tapered wide brush. I really love how fast and easy the brush works.

Paradise 1 coat, just applied. I thought it was a regular glossy polish at first.

But it tricked me. See the top part starts to turn matte, that’s where I started.

Several seconds later, more areas are turning matte. It’s like magic!

Finally the whole nail is matte. I never thought applying nail polish would be so much fun.

Let me do it again, with a second coat! Not only the nail turns glossy, the color also gets intensified.

Getting matte…

More matte…

All matte! Yay it did it again!!! Finally I see a soft focus vibrant neon pink. It looks super smooth and nicely opaque.

I wait for 30 seconds per instruction, then apply the Top Coat on half of the nail up until the arrows pointed. There’s definitely a difference between with and without the Top Coat. Can you see?

The Top Coat not only adds a mirror-like glossy finish, it also speeds up the drying process. Dior polishes always have the best formula with super fast drying speed. I tried to touch the nail after I took the photos, it was already dried and wouldn’t slide a bit. Unlike some other polishes, when they seem to be dried, but oops you just smudged it.

One last photo of how it looks in sunlight.

This is one great hot Summer shade from Dior. The vibrant electric pink will brighten up your whole Summer. I really like the magical matte effect of this fluorescent formula. It goes on smoothly and finishes evenly. With the help of quick drying top coat, it sets in less than a minute to an ultra gloss. I can see myself wear it a lot.

Stay tuned for the other duo set Aloha.

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5 Responses to Dior Electric Tropics Catwalk Duo Fluorescent Nail Polish 558 Paradise & Glossy Top Coat Swatch and Review

  1. Steph April 29, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    OMG that’s so cool, it’s like magical~ amazing how you caught it on camera =D

  2. giselle April 29, 2011 at 7:56 PM

    oh wow that is super awesome >u<

  3. MissBrooke May 11, 2011 at 10:16 PM

    I am dying to get my mittens on this colOr!! I can’t find it anywhere 😉

    • admin May 12, 2011 at 1:11 AM

      yea sadly everywhere is out of stock. but you can always try dior.com

  4. MissBrooke May 12, 2011 at 5:50 AM

    Ugh, yes, I’ve been trying!! Thank you anyways!


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