Jill Stuart Beauty Spring 2013 Dreamy Layered Glow Collection Swatches Review

As much as I love Santa and Christmas gifts, I love Jill Stuart Holiday Collection a lot. Not only for its lacy clutch but also for the makeup in it. The makeup were all highlights to the eyes. Everything seemed glowy and brilliant. But it is time to move forward since it’s 2013. For Spring 2013 Jill Stuart has all new colors with a dose of an extended amount of colors to play with and choose from. Today, we will be seeing a few of the featured products.

Jill Stuart Makeup Spring 2013 Dreamy Layered Glow Collection

Unlike last year’s Spring Collection, this year seems a tad lighter but filled with more exciting products than before. For this Spring’s Collection, there is nothing but fresh colors of floral in princess jewel like packaging. Just by looking at the cases, things are already shiny but opening them up really sparkles even more. Most of the makeup are made in all shapes of jewels, like ruby, diamond, crystal, and more. If you havent’ seen the press, check out the entire collection here.

Let’s begin with two eyeshadow palettes from the collection. There is a total of 10 new palettes of which are split evenly between Jewel Crystal N and Velvet Crystal.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Jewel Crystal Eyes Velvet Crystal Eyes

The two that will be seen today are Jewel Crystal Eyes N in 05 Peridot Harmony and Velvet Crystal Eyes in 01 Nudy Venus. Both palettes resemble one single large diamond, with the Jewel Crystal Eyes in octagon cut and Velvet Crystal Eyes in oval cut.

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Velvet Crystal Eyes Packaging

Peridot Harmony has colors that are sparkling champagne, shiny golden olive, gleaming pink, and pearly brown.

Some of the characteristics to the Jewel Crystal Eyeshadow palettes are as follows: The colors brings a sparkling look with large pearls feeling like crushed jewels that are enriched with milk base. The milk base is what holds the pearls giving the deep hues with clear and eye popping colors.

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes 05 Peridot Harmony

For Nudy Venus, colors are matte cream, pearly nude beige, shimmering copper beige, and chocolate brown. With the exception of the case top, the shadow shape design is also different, as well as a signature engraved letter “J” on the far right shade.

What the Velvet Crystal Eyes holds are: A velvet luster like finish with depth. There are three different bases providing different finishes.

The matte cream and fine pearl chocolate brown apply soft and gentle with true color showing on the eyes. The brown color blends seamlessly with skin color, making it perfect for a natural finish. The nuance nude beige glides smoothly with translucency. Finally the accent copper beige is so luscious, adding a mysterious wet look to the lids.

Jill Stuart Velvet Crystal Eyes 01 Nudy Venus

The application from each shadow is as smooth as it gets, gliding to the skin effortlessly. Colors are vibrant and dazzling, appropriate for a subtle Spring look. Colors aren’t the boldest but it gives flavor especially a more natural look. The brown colors in each palette is what well defines the shape of the eyes creating the complete look.

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Peridot Harmony Velvet Crystal Eyes Nudy Venus Swatch

I love Jill Stuart Blushes. Each one of them always comes complete with a jewel encrusted brush that is chained to the actual blush palette. Not only is there a brush, the palettes are always supplied with 4 different colors creating a complex presentation. This time around there is a set of Layer Blush Compacts and Mix Blush Compacts N. There is a total of 10 altogether with a split equally between the two types.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Mix Blush Compact Layer Blush Compact

The new Layer Blush Compact also has a new case look on the outside. Can you guess which one is the Layer Blush Compact? The one to the right. Overall case design is more complex and 3 dimensional like from the top down look. It’s like a single emerald in the shape of octagon. Just something for you to see, if you haven’t seen the other blush design you can check it out from the Fall Collection last year.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Mix Blush Compact Layer Blush Compact Packaging

Mix Blush Compact N 05 Sunny Holiday comes with mild orange and light pink shades. Colors are quite pop like. The colors can all be mixed together to create an ultimate healthy look or used individually, even mix and match will work too. The powder is soft yet moist, where it melts right into the skin.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Mix Blush Compact 05 Sunny Holiday

Layer Blush Compact 03 Relax Smile are lighter but more glowy than the previous one. Innocent pinks and sheer orange fill this palette. One of the main characteristics of this palette is the light and fluffy finish, making it look very natural on the skin. By mixing and layering the four shades, you can achieve different looks as you wish. The new smooth glow oil also provides a surreal radiant finish.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Layer Blush Compact 03 Relax Smile

I decided to use up all 4 colors from each palette to show the completed color look. On the left is the Sunny Holiday whereas on the right is Relax Smile. The Relax Smile is a lot more radiant than Sunny Holiday, while the latter’s semi matte finish brings a more soft focus look. Both blushes incorporate easily on to the skin providing even coverage.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Mix Blush Compact Sunny Holiday Layer Blush Compact Relax Smile Swatch

Besides the 2 new eyeshadow palettes and 2 new blush palettes, there is yet to show you a lip gloss, an eyebrow powder, and a nail polish.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Eyebrow Powder Lip Jewel Nail Lacquer

The eyebrow powder is a set of 3 brown gradations when drawn together adding depth to the brows. We will be looking at 02 Natural Brown for its natural and calm look. I do want to note that the compact is a top bottom slider with a large mirror on the outside. To open the case, simple push the top backward. The folded brush can be put into a handy double ended long brush for easy application.

Jill Stuart Eyebrow Powder Natural Brown

Who doesn’t like a bright popping Lip Jewel from Jill Stuart? The one seen today is 20 Tropical Beryl, a soft and milky orange that is bright and fruity for the season. The lip jewel is clear and translucent but with a highlighting color that makes the lips look luscious when seen with its shimmers. As for the Nail Lacquer R, there is a total of 20 new shades for the season. Just like a nail bar! 13 Aeolian Harp, a sheer skin beige is presented today. Both the lip jewel and nail polish have encrusted Swarovski rhinestone adorned on top.

Jill Stuart Lip Jewel Tropical Beryl Nail Lacquer Aeolian Harp

As you can see the eyebrow powder are from a light to dark brown collage. The colors aren’t powdery instead moist and adhere to the skin quite easily. Colors are soft in texture but incorporates into the brow like your real brow color. The lip jewel provides is very lip plumping and is a bit jelly like. Color is indeed translucent and clear but the highlighting bits of it brings a completely unique color that’s absolutely stunning. There are emollients that care for the lips.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Eyebrow Powder Natural Brown Lip Jewel Tropical Beryl Swatch

Aeolian Harp is as natural as it looks. This sheer beige color also has a luster to the eye. After a double coat, the nails are smooth and glossy with mirror like finish. Upon drying, you will find a whiff of fragrance too. That is because just like the other makeup there is a fresh floral bouquet scent.

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Nail Lacquer Aeolian Harp Swatch

Each season Jill Stuart always has something new in the works. This season I am amazed at how many choices of colors there are to pick from. The variety is enough to put together a gazillion looks. Each makeup proves to have superior formula especially the nail polish. The polish has extraordinary quick drying time. One of the key things I noticed was the eyebrow palettes. It is something that I have never imagined but served as a pretty cool part to complete a whole facial appearance, making a whole lot difference.

For more info on Jill Stuart Beauty please visit the website.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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  1. Mizu chan January 11, 2013 at 2:01 AM

    The colors are so pretty..One thing about Jill Stuart that I can’t never think of difference is the packaging…Every eyeshadows and blush packaging is the same..it would be great if they could change that sometimes.. 😀

    • Fruity Lashes January 14, 2013 at 12:15 AM

      There was actually a few changes every so often during the seasons last year. I think the packaging is similar / same because of the branding design. It is after all a princess look.


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