Chanel Fall 2012 Makeup Collection Les Essentiels De Chanel Swatches and Review

When searching for every piece of the Chanel Fall 2012 Collection, I probably had a million different answers from a million different sales. Though, today when I was shopping randomly from store to store, I happened to notice a few boxes behind one of the Chanel counters. I was thinking, that couldn’t be the fall collection could it? I remembered talking to the sales earlier in the week, and was told it wouldn’t be available until after July 11. Wouldn’t hurt to try, so off I ask. “Come back a few hours later.” So I thought, “Forget it, I will come back tomorrow or some other time.” After heading back home, I began to work on other stuff. Around five o’clock, the hubs called, he was heading home. I immediately told him to stop by the Chanel counter to check out if it really is the Fall collection. He said OK. Guess what, they just finished unpacking the collection not too long ago…

Fast Forward >> Chanel’s Fall 2012 collection had a few items to my surprise, color wise wasn’t what I had expected…

To begin, the most prettiest item out of the collection is the Lumiere D’Artifices Beiges Illuminating Powder With Shimmer. Poor hubs, he probably had a hard time reading the names that I texted to him on his phone. He said they didn’t have a sample display up. He wanted to point at products instead. Anyways, out of the box, the face powder comes stored in two soft velvety pouches, one for the brush and one for the palette.

The raised pattern resembles sequins and threads. Although there’re 6 horizontal stripes, it’s basically 2 shades, light beige and rosy beige. The top layer is covered with glittery overspray that wears off instantly with just one swipe.

So here’s swatch with 4 stripes of colors. The 1st and 3rd are with the overspray and the 2nd and 4th are after the overspray wore off. Finally the far right swatch is how the powder blended together with the enclosed brush (without the overspray). It looks like a medium beige in between the light beige and rosy beige. The shimmer is quite illuminating but you don’t see chunky glitters. Instead the iridescence seems like rusted diamond powder that shines with dimmed light. It’s very pretty.

A season collection isn’t complete without a quad eyeshadow. Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow 38 Premier Regard is what debuted with this collection. The box and product design is in Chanel’s ever so classy look. Colors? Quite a nice little set with good looking contrast and smooth colors. A bit of sophistication upon a glimpse of an eye.

The colors for the quad are as follows in clockwise order:

Top Left: Bronzy taupe with coppery shimmer
Top Right: Matte pale pink
Bottom Right: Matte intense black
Bottom Left: Pearly peachy beige

While swatching the eyeshadow colors, I noticed that all 4 shades have different textures, ranging from shimmer, completely matte, matte with sparse shimmer to pearly. It is quite interesting and the color pigmentation is medium with buildability. Though the lighter 2 colors probably won’t show up on darker skin tones. Note the swatch was primed with Make Up For Ever Eye Prime.

The next four products will be swatched altogether for you to see below.

Let’s begin with the Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow 93 Complice. It is a pretty peach color with iridescence. Shimmers can be seen scattered all throughout the shadow. This shadow is said to be milled to the teeth, ultra-fine be exact. The color can also be enhanced by blending and layering.

For an eyeliner, Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner 87 Silver Light is probably the first I’ve seen. To clarify, never before have I seen a Silver color eyeliner from the brand. It’s quite unique and highlighting. For some reason though, I found the color to be out of the ordinary with the shades of the other products in the collection. Nevertheless, the eyeliner holds a shimmering silver color. Texture isn’t the softest. Though, it it long lasting because of the waterproof capability. Tears, water, and sweat can’t even make its mark. The product holds fort pretty well. It comes with a built in sharpener at the end where you can control whether you want the eyeliner to come up or down with a few simple twists / turns.

Out of all the Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshines that I saw, I had to pick the one that said 74 Parfait. Despite the color being so easy to use, a soft peachy pink with quite a bit of high shine. It reminded me of the parfait that I ate a while back. I remember having it in a tall Root Beer float like glass cup. The color with the name drew pictures of fruits in my mind. Anyways, the color is good for everyday use without the extremities.

Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Gloss reminded me of lip lacquers. 67 Caprice gives off a delicate pink color similar to the lipstick above. The color shows richness to it while it shines. When I applied it, the texture felt silky smooth. It glided across effortlessly.

Before the swatch photo, I have one more product. It is the Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour in 34 Almandine. Right off the bat, I noticed the color to be the darkest and probably the boldest out of the collection. It was sorta like a dark plum red. No worries though, the color won’t make you look like a vampire after use. The color turns matte after it dries. On the opposite end, concealed in a black tube is a transparent gloss with a high shine. Supposedly, this product can last you the entire day.

So here is what you’ve been waiting for. The swatches! Complice comes as noted, a finely milled buildable on intensity color. Sleek is probably the word to call it. As you might notice, Complice and Silver Light is highlighting with shimmers. It also reacts quite nicely with the light. Parfait and Caprice look similar in color except Caprice is a more intense version and creamier in texture. Almandine’s color reminds me most of red wine. The color is bold and intense. Don’t forget to put on the high shine for an extra shiny look.

A few days ago, I had Vertigo and Suspicious up from this season’s nail polish. Last but not least, I finally found 559 Frenzy. The color is nothing like the other two. It is a grey-beige creme with glossy finish, super low key with high wearability.

I find that all three Chanel nail polishes this season have lighter formula though some higher pigmentation some sheerer. Frenzy happens to be the sheerest out of the three. I did apply three coats for an even application. Also, I noticed an extended dry time was needed for this polish. It seemed to dry a tad slower. The finish is a totally camouflaged color that won’t catch everyone down the street’s attention. Though, it does make your nails look healthier, if not shinier. And since the color is really close to the skin color, it makes the hand look longer and slimmer. The two swatches below are with indoor lighting and camera flash.

Aside from the pretty designs on some of the products, this collection felt a bit on the lighter color side for me. It seemed to be a more expressed natural beauty look. For the lip colors, there are so many more new colors that came out with the collection that I decided not to post about. Basically, a complete look can be different. Did you pick up any product from this collection?

5 Responses to Chanel Fall 2012 Makeup Collection Les Essentiels De Chanel Swatches and Review

  1. Angela W June 23, 2012 at 5:44 AM

    I am in love with the illuminating powder!

  2. Rahki Saman June 23, 2012 at 7:06 AM

    So in love with Almandine…..

  3. Lakeesha June 23, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    Where did you buy your set?

  4. Liz Prado June 23, 2012 at 12:23 PM

    Frenzy is so plain and easy to wear for work. It’s makes the nails look so perfect.


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