Hello and New Hobbies

Hi ^^ It’s me! I know it’s been like forever and I made you all upset by going offline for so long. I took a long break from the blogging industry and enjoyed life to the maximum. Along the way I picked up many new hobbies as well as sticking to my still beloved sewing and baking, and of course I did lots of hauls each and everyday. Though I’ve always felt there’s something missing in my life. After some deep thinking I finally realized that I missed blogging and communicating with my friends terribly. So here I am, with a fresh new start and lots of new contents.

What are my new hobbies, you ask? Buying new jewelries? I wouldn’t say no to a pair of new Tiffany earrings or a David Yurman bracelet. The below piece is not from either house though. It’s totally done by FL from start to finish, using wires, links and umm clay. And it’s my very first piece of all. I picked up this new hobby just a couple months along. I know this is not perfect but I’m so proud of myself. There were so much for me to learn but I’m glad I put things together.

Multi-strand Crystal Pearl Clay Rose Necklace

Take a look at some details about my necklace. Since it is my first practice, I didn’t go with very expensive material. I picked up some Swarovski element crystals and pearls, some sterling silver wires and jump rings, and some Sulpey III clays. The result isn’t too bad, isn’t it. I especially like the little Rosettes between the Byzantine links. My clay rose isn’t too shabby either right? I’m glad my rusty fondant technics still works here. I used Sculpey III Deep Red Pearl, Premo Accent Pearl and Magenta Pearl for the color gradation and shimmering effect. I did find that Sulpey brand tends to be a little soft in the summer, maybe I’ll try Fimo next time.

Crystal Rondelle and Pearl Links

Oven Baked Clay Rose Sculpey

Chain Maille Byzantine Rosette

Swarovski Element Crystal Links

So much talking about jewelry making and necklace. In the future posts you’ll also find out more about my other interests, for example Paper Crafting. I got a Cricut Expression 2 several months ago and totally got hooked. I remembered I spent hours picking images and cut cute things. I went through a ton of paper and cardstock, so I stock up whenever I stop by Joann and Michaels. I haven’t tried cutting fabrics yet but I’m thinking of making some appliqué using it sometime. As for the direction of this blog, it will continue covering beauty and product reviews, but I will branch out into the other areas of lifestyle including sharing many of my hobbies. Instead of using more edited photos from my DSLR, I want to opt for natural straight out of the phone photos with minimum touchup. Hopefully you’ll get to see what everything looks like in REAL life. I find it helpful especially with cosmetic products. Studio like photos do look nice but nowadays the cameras on the phone is almost as impressive too. Besides, phone photos are more realistic than edited ones. On top of that it’ll save me time so I can concentrate on sharing things with you as well as enjoying life. Let me know what your thoughts are and talk to you soon!

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