New Year New Start with Health Drinks

Eating healthy being on top of your new year resolution list? Undoubtedly! People need to eat well to be able to perform well. In today’s society we all have hectic schedule and for us women it’s even more challenging. We need extra time to put on our makeup and dress in our best. During the busy morning hour, not everyone has the time to prepare a hearty chocolate pancake with bacon bits meal each day. So should we sacrifice precious sleep time or skip breakfast all together? Of course not! To start a brand new day in the right way, no one should be barred from a healthy yet time saving breakfast. The solution? Health drinks.

Health Drink

I’m sure you see aisles of supplements and programs in whole foods market and many nutrition stores. We’re not comparing one or another in this post but rather sharing some thoughts over health foods in general. Personally I picked Wheat Grass and Amazing Meal from the Amazing Grass and Vega One nutritional shake just before the new year. So I’ve been drinking these for about 2 weeks. I think they’re quite amazing for boosting my energy and detoxing my body. Besides wheat grass being the main ingredients in Amazing Grass, both products contain plant based seeds, greens and fruits; flax, hemp, acai, kale and alfalfa just to be some of the notable ones. With just one scoop of powder, they provide a significant fraction of nutrients our body needs for the entire day, which makes a powerful superfood also a weight loss option. You can substitute for one meal or two.

Amazing Meal Wheat Grass Vega One Shake

Amazing Meal

Vega One Nutritional Shake

So they’re super for our body, what’s even better is that they’re so convenient. Just before zooming out of the door, mix one scoop with your favorite mint infused lemon water, give it a quick shake and you’re ready to go. There’s no need to pre-mix the powder with hot water because you know a lot of powder don’t mix well with cold water. I haven’t had any problems with neither brand. It only takes a minute or two and you give yourself a jump start ahead. Though I do have to admit that they don’t taste all that great at first and I’m still getting used to it. So when I have more time, I prefer adding juice or blending it into my smoothie which tastes so much better.

Vega Love Shaker

Have your tried health drinks? What’s your thought?

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