Sensai Intensive Hair Mask Review

The chilly winter time with spear like wind has been blowing in all directions causing the hair to become rough and damaged. Constant washes with shampoo doesn’t give an any better result. Squeaky clean feels good but nothing even close to smooth to the single finger glide. To fix all these, I put Sensai’s Intensive Hair Mask to the test for a the past few weeks…

Sensai Intensive Hair Mask Box

This super duper hair mask is made up and comprised of 10 oriental herbs bringing magical powers to the hair. The end result is a silk like texture hair that seems like friction has been obsoleted. It is said that this hair mask repairs, nourishes, hydrates, and strengthens the hair after use. Healthy is the one word to describe all this.

Sensai Intensive Hair Mask

Twisting open the top of this luxurious hair mask instantly fills the air surrounding you 360 degrees with fresh floral scents. The smell is simply marvelously divine. The texture of this hair product is no less than thick, concentrated, and ready to nourish and give the hair intense treatment. This heavy creamy like texture, once applied on the hair after shampooing starts its work by penetrating hair from tip to root. After 5 minutes, a quick rinse leaves the hair remarkably shiny, soft, and smooth. The 3S combined surpasses most conditioners easily.

Sensai Intensive Hair Mask Detail

Sensai Intensive hair mask is the definition of LUXE. For hair enthusiasts this mask is a must to chop down the less than smooth and shininess of the hair. It tops the hair off with a fresh floral scent afterwards.

This super intensive mask for hair from Kanebo Sensai is available online at Neiman Marcus.

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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