Top 10 Valentine’s Gift

#1 Dreamy Treats from Niven Morgan Gold Scent

Start off the day with some SPA relaxation without going to the actual place. Niven Morgan brings the best at home SPA experience you can imagine with its high quality formula. You will be sure to get endless bubble bathing with moisturization and smooth skin results from it. Before you leave the house be sure to use the hand soap and lotion.

#2 Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection

Before getting out of the bath tub, cleanse your hair and smooth it out with Chocolate! We are serious about the Chocolate part. No one does it as good as Carol’s Daughter. You get the whole package from start to finish, which includes blow dry cream.

#3 Bliss Fabulips for the Most Fabulous Valentine

So you are cleansed, from head to toe. But don’t you want to enhance that extra special part of the face? The LIPS! What makes Valentine’s extra special is when the most kissable part looking fabulous. With that, Bliss is available to give you a quick refresh, retexturize, rejuvenate, and replenish look. The 4 Rs!

#4 Dior Diorsnow 2012 Whitening Skincare Collection Infused with Icelandic Glacial Water

Finally, it is time to get out of the bathroom. But you forgot to put on skincare. Oh with the skincare, how do we look flawless? Well Dior recently collaborated with the fresh tasting Glacial Icelandic Water company. The entire DIORSNOW line is revamped and fits you perfectly because you can have your skin brightened in no time.

#5 Will You Be My Valentine? ELLIS FAAS Milky Lips L201 L203 L205

After putting on all the makeup including the eyeshadow and more! It’s down to your lips. You know you have the perfect set of lips since you used Bliss’s Fabulips, so you’re contemplating what to use. You decide you want to go with a big bold colored red. Ellis Faas’s Milky Lips L201 can provide you the color you need. Not to mention the easy delivery over the lips.

#6 29 Cosmetics Dew Grape Seed Age Protecting Lip Gloss SPF 15 in Hang Time and Sparkling Pinot

Instead of a pair of non shimmered lips, you want shimmers. 29 Cosmetics is able to give you the shimmering lips that you so desire while providing luscious look. Also, these lip glosses protect your lips while providing anti-aging benefits.

#7 Have a Bunny Warm and Cozy Valentine with Le Bunny Bleu

Don’t ever leave home without a set of cute boots or flats or even slip ons! Le Bunny Bleu will keep you looking trendy with a modern vintage look. The cute bunny will also keep you smiling so you don’t look too nervous on Valentine’s.

#8 Celebrating Valentine’s with NUVO Sparkling Liqueur

Whether you are at dinner or at a lounge, Nuvo can make the night extra special. The sparkling liqueur, pretty in pink, has a sweet fruity taste to it that will make you refreshed. Not to mention, the bottle makes a great centerpiece look.

#9 LUSH Lots of Love for Valentine’s Day

Before ending the night, don’t forget to have some bath time fun with LUSH. There are so many things inside the box that brings smile and joy. Don’t forget to share it with your Valentine.

#10 Soap & Glory Do A Bubble Take Set For Valentine’s Day

If you need to go somewhere overnight don’t forget, Soap & Glory has you covered. Just bring Soap & Glory’s bag that is ready with everything you need for showering or bathing. All you need to do is carry it with you.


Happy Valentine’s day!

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